Special State Project 2020-2022: Operation Chillout

NJSFWC President Jan Hanson announced that our Special State Project for 2020-2022 will be Operation Chillout.

OPERATION CHILLOUT is New Jersey’s oldest (and only) all-volunteer mobile outreach for homeless veterans, men and women, on mission since December 21, 2000. Its motto is “no borders-no boundaries.” Its mission is to respond to the crisis of homelessness with direct compassionate actions.

Seasonal Winter & Summer Campaigns

Operation Chillout welcomes your participation in organizing your clubs to support our winter and summer outreach online gift registry campaigns.

  • Annual summer homeless outreach collection and delivery campaign (Memorial Day – Labor Day): Clubs can mobilize members to purchase cases of bottled water and new summer apparel – tees shirts, caps; and accessories – sun block, insect repellent, sunglasses, hygiene-toiletry kits, specialized survival gear.
  • Annual winter outreach collection and delivery campaign starts each November. Clubs can purchase a complete backpack or a selection of the gift registry clothing items – socks, thermal underwear, zipped hooded sweatshirt, knit cap, gloves. Or purchase specialized survival gear like sleeping bags, backpacking tents. And gift cards are always welcome.

Vet’s Tiny Home Power Backup

Operation Chillout needs fundraising for two critical projects aimed at ensuring viability of our first veterans’ tiny home unit for adverse weather conditions and loss of power.

  • Design and install a custom roof-top solar power unit with battery backup.
  • Design and install an automatic propane-fueled emergency backup power generator.


The creation of homeless veterans farm-based tiny home communities.

In its 20th anniversary year, building on previous successes of rescuing and serving the needs of thousands of homeless veterans, men and women, they are committed to projecting their vision forward to enhance the capacity to serve the neediest at a significant level through the creation of a unique alternative housing solution.

  • Enlist the participation of the NJSFWC in this ambitious, innovative development project.
  • Establish a comprehensive assessment and master plan.
  • Create a joint OCO-NJSFWC leadership team and statewide stakeholders group committed to the project.
  • Locate farm properties interested in participating.
  • Partner with donors to fund a demonstration veteran farmer tiny home community.

NJSFWC President Jan Hanson said, “We do hope that you will all work on the Special State Project-Operation Chillout, helping homeless veterans.  I believe with your help we can make a difference in the lives of the many veterans in NJ who have no place to go.  Operation Chillout is excited to be partnering with us and they are about to be amazed by the NJSFWC club women.”

First Project

The first project they need our help with is their summer collection. With everything happening with the Coronavirus, we can’t go out and purchase items so go on their website, https://operationchillout.org where they have a registry for donations. They have made a deal with ShopRite and Amazon to purchase water, t-shirts and baseball caps at cost. All items cost $10.00. This project runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. PLEASE WAIT WITH YOUR ORDERS UNTIL AFTER MEMORIAL DAY WHEN THE CAMPAIGN OFFICIALLY BEGINS.

Workshop in July

We will be holding a workshop at Headquarters on Tuesday, July 28th from 10-12. You will need to register with Headquarters as seating will be limited, so please save the date.

Need a speaker for your club?

If you want a speaker for your club, please contact
Col. Ted Sattur at 973-868-0453.

More details will be coming. We are planning to have updates very soon

SSP Chairman, Patricia Dahl, dahl@njsfwc.org, 856-227-0659