GFWC Jennie Award

The GFWC Jennie Award is in honor of the founder of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, Jane Cunningham Croly, known fondly as "Jennie June." The award spotlights one clubwoman from the Middle Atlantic Region who has been judged on club, state, region and national levels for her outstanding performance as a volunteer within her club, community and family.

If your club would like to nominate someone for the Jennie award, here is the form from the GFWC. Be sure to save the form to your computer or device BEFORE filling it out to make sure you are able to save your work.


Jill has packed a lot into her 39 years of membership in GFWC. For more than a year, Jill baked and packaged cookies for her church’s outreach program. During GFWC International Past President Mary Ellen Brock’s Administration, Jill made more than 100 dozen cookies for both Holiday Open Houses. At Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, she worked 60-hour weeks to set up one of the most beneficial programs for Army families. In one year, she assisted more than 320 clients in finding the best jobs available. Also, unable to find on-base childcare, she created a functioning childcare option to help families stationed there.

She helped increase membership of one of her clubs from 16 to 56 in a 10-year period, and as the Garden District State Project Chair, she sent coupons worth more than $10,000 to installations worldwide in two years. Jill is also still working on collecting shoes for Soles 4 Souls. Lastly, while working full time, raising three children, and volunteering, Jill received her college diploma 37 years after she started working toward a degree.

Congratulations to Jill on being selected as Jennie Award recipients for 2022!


Congratulations to Lucy Sanzalone from the Woman’s Club of Brielle for being the NJSFWC Jennie Award nominee.  Lucy has been a member of Brielle since 2008 and has served as a Board member since 2009.  She has worked with Dottie’s House for abused women and children, delivering clothes, food, toiletries, backpacks and toys.  Her daughter started a grieving center for children and Lucy cooks for the volunteers.  She assists veterans by working with Purple Heart of Jersey Shore, providing personal items for veterans in nursing homes.  The Bayberry Garden Club awarded her the Perennial Bloom Award for her work with their organization.

When Lucy was 16 years old her mother passed away and Lucy became in charge of the household, cooking and keeping up with the housework.  Later in life she nursed her husband for 14 years.  She enjoys helping those in need whether it be her family or her club members.

The NJSFWC of GFWC congratulates Lucy on her commitment to club, community and family.