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ALMANACS 2020-2022

2020 Yearbook-Almanac Order Form
The Yearbook contains supplements, bylaws and a wealth of information

May 2020 Convention
Chatter and Reports
September 2020 ALMANAC
September 2020 Flyers
October 2020 ALMANAC 
October 2020 Flyers


Each bulletin is posted under its own category, but if you need all the bulletins, you can find them here.

“At school I was always trying to con my teachers into letting me act out book reports instead of writing them.” Laura Linney

Why do we need to do reports?

Reports are the way we communicate in a succinct way the vast variety and impact of our club projects. The information we report to our NJSFWC Chairmen not only lets them know what each club is doing, but also might be used as the basis for decisions or action on the various projects.

NJSFWC President Jan Hanson talks about the importance of reporting:  “When I mention reports I mentally hear a collective groan; however, I would like everyone to consider how important report writing is to our history and our future. Instead of looking at reports as an unappealing chore, consider it a privilege to record your accomplishments for present and future members to share. Find ways to make report writing fun. We need your voice in order for our voice to soar.”

So complete and submit your reports and be proud!

CSP Comparison Sheet for New Community Service Programs 2020-2022

Instructions and Guidelines

IMPORTANT: To use the fillable report forms, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THEM TO YOUR COMPUTER OR DEVICE. You cannot fill them out online and save them. To download, right click on the file name (or hold finger down if using a tablet or phone) and use the "Save as" command to save it to your computer. Then you can open it, fill it out, and save it.

Community Service Program Report Forms

​​Project Report Form for Clubs

Here's a handy form for club presidents and chairmen to pass out to members. If each member who led a project filled out one of these and handed it in to the CSP or Report Writing Chairman, think how much easier it will be to complete reports.


Achievement Days are sponsored by each district. There are two separate divisions in the Achievement Day entries: Arts Creative and Conservation.

Entry forms are available at your January District Council meetings and will be posted here once distributed. For questions please contact your DISTRICT CHAIRMAN or your DVP. If your District Chairman cannot answer your question, she will get an answer.

Creative Arts Waiver





Locations & times to be announced. 


The NJSFWC Advocates for Children program seeks to make a difference in our world by becoming advocates for children. Members may choose to organize projects that benefit children in their community, state, or the world.

Clubwomen can become advocates by working to:

  • Ensure that children are protected from harmful situations
  • Encourage healthy physical and emotional lifestyles
  • Impact policy to improve children’s lives

While project ideas are numerous, clubs are encouraged to educate themselves regarding current issues facing our children:

  • Child Abuse
  • Health issues
  • Poverty
  • Cyberbullying
  • Teen dating violence
  • Childhood obesity
  • Texting while driving
  • Depression and suicide
  • Foster care and adoption
  • Limits on screen time
  • Childhood safety issues

Please look at our supplement for ideas, projects and suggestions for your club to help children.


GFWC Juniors’ Special Program: Advocates for Children is initiating a challenge for clubs to “stick their neck out” by undertaking a service project that directly benefits children during GFWC Advocates for Children Week, Sunday, October 25, to Saturday, October 31, 2020.


​​CHAIRMAN: Jane Mackesy, email

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.” Georgia O'Keeffe

There is so much more to art than canvas and paint! In generations past, the art of quilt-making was not so much about visual appeal as it was the necessity and resourcefulness to stay warm. And yet the quilts made by our ancestors and by women today are works of art.

The avenues of art are only limited by our imaginations. NJSFWC Arts Creative Community Service Program encourages members to promote and support arts activities in their clubs, schools, and communities. It is designed to inspire clubwomen and ignite within them a desire to make their world a more beautiful place. The goal is to create programs and projects in a multitude of arts-related areas, both traditional and innovative, that cause the world around us to see and feel what they might have only once imagined.


Creative Arts Waiver

March Is Youth Art Month

  • Sample proclamations to be posted 

Achievement Day Entry Forms


GFWC Special Arts and Culture Award

A “President’s Prize” of $100 plus an award certificate will be given at the 2021 and 2022 GFWC Annual Convention to the club that best interprets the official GFWC holiday theme. The official theme for 2020 is “What a Wonderful World” and for 2021 the theme is “Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy.” The themes can be interpreted in any manner that fits a club-sponsored holiday event or project, such as homemade or decorated stockings filled for a children’s shelter, a holiday party for nursing home residents, or a holiday tree at a local library or community center. To apply for the award, complete the President’s Prize Award Form and mail or email it to Arts and Culture Chairman Angela Cutrera by March 15 at the addresses specified on the form.

​​CHAIRMAN: Lynn Webb, email

“I think that each one of us is born with creativity.” Maya Angelou

The avenues of art are only limited by our imaginations. The NJSFWC Arts Performing Community Service Program is desligned to inspire clubwomen to be creative with programs and projects that incorporate music, literature, drama, dance, theatre and more. The goal is to make the world around us see and feel what they might have only once imagined.



Creative Arts Waiver

​​CHAIRMAN: Rosemarie Saviello, email

Everybody’s cool with meetings and procedure until someone references the mysterious organizational “bylaws.” --Sarah E. Merkle

Bylaws are the go-to source for how an organization operates. They trump the parliamentary authority (think: Robert’s Rules) and any other rules that you’ve adopted.

So be sure your club bylaws are up to date and review them occasionally to make any necessary changes. Remember, your bylaws give your organization structure. Use them! 


Sample Club Bylaws

“Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it.” Martha Gellhorn

Civic and social responsibilities are key components in our lives. The NJSFWC Public Issues Community Service Program is designed to actively connect members with effective projects and activities relating to civic and social responsibilities. This program focuses on the following areas:

  • Citizenship
  • Military Personnel
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
  • Safety and Crime Prevention

Public Issues Day

  • New Materials will be posted as soon as available.

Operation Christmas Stocking

Operation Christmas Stocking now has dates scheduled for drop off at the NJSFWC Headquarters in New Brunswick.

  • Tuesday, October 6 from 10 am to 2 pm
  • Thursday, October 15 from 10 am to 2 pm
  • Wednesday, October 28 from 10 am to 2 pm.

As of now there are NO drop off dates for the Operation Yellow Ribbon facility in Mount Laurel.


GFWC Newsletters

CHAIRMAN: Gail Kovacs-Felici, email

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.” Carol Burnett

Communications is a wonderful tool for clubwomen. And an important part of communications is Public Relations.

Our main goal in communications is to get the word out to the public about who we are. We must publicize our clubs’ projects in order to let our communities know we exist. We must stress the important things our clubs do and the need that exists for our organization to make the community a better place to live. Whether our goal is recruiting new members, raising funds, or recruiting help for a community project, our clubs need to get the word out. Without communication and public relations, how will the women in our communities know that we exist?

We are living in a wonderful age where social media is a constant reminder about what is happening in our neighborhoods. What better way to share your programs and projects than by using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest? Clubwomen are encouraged to advance the NJSFWC’s priorities, projects, public policy initiatives, and community improvement endeavors by being heard in their communities.


NJSFWC Press Releases


October 2020: NJSFWC Clubwomen to Attend Their Annual Fall Conference Virtually

October 2020: NJSFWC Clubwomen to Attend Their Annual Fall Conference Virtually

October 2020: NJSFWC Clubwomen help NJ First Responders, Medical Staff, Veterans and Others during COVID-19 Pandemic

September 2020: NJSFWC Clubwomen Helping Operation Chillout

GFWC Newsletters

Sample Documents for Communications

Contest Entry Forms

  • Forms will be posted as soon as available.

CHAIRMAN: Carole Speechley, email

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Coretta Scott King

New information will be coming from GFWC summer 2020.

Community Impact Program Contest


​​CHAIRMAN: Ora Kokol, email

The 2021 NJSFWC Convention will be going back to the Boardwalk on April 26-28 at Bally’s Hotel and Casino.

CONVENTION PACKETS will be mailed in February and information will be available here at that time.

Convention Chairman: Susan Fosdick, email

Credentials & Registration: Cynthia Blumenkrantz, email

Day of Service is currently on hold. Watch for more information this winter or next spring.


  • New Materials will be posted as soon as available.

Chairman: Rae Salandra, email

“It's the place where dreams end and nightmares begin...” Mallika Nawal

The NJSFWC joins with the GFWC, a national leader in the fight to end domestic violence by raising awareness about this social issue. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of and help prevent the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse and violence against women in communities across the nation. This is done by:

  • Working with national domestic violence networks
  • Supporting existing activities
  • Working with various established programs
  • Initiating educational opportunities for club members and local citizens

Success for Survivors Scholarship

As part of the GFWC Signature Program: Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention, the GFWC Success For Survivors Scholarship was created in 2012 to lend a helping hand to those impacted by intimate partner violence who are pursuing higher education. The scholarship aims to provide survivors with a means to achieve both financial and personal independence. Since its inception, GFWC has awarded more than $80,000 in scholarship funds.

Success for Survivors Scholarship Application 2021

Completed applications should be sent to GFWC headquarters at:

Attn: Success for Survivors Scholarship
1734 N St NW
Washington, DC 20036

Or email completed applications to (Include “Scholarship” in the subject line)

Important Dates:

October 1, 2020: GFWC Success for Survivors Scholarship Application Opened
February 5, 2021: GFWC Success for Survivors Scholarship Application Deadline
May 2021 – June 2021: Recipients Notified
July 2021: Monetary Awards Sent to Recipients Upon Receipt of Enrollment Verification


GFWC Newsletters

​​CHAIRMAN: Joyce Fredericks, email

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” Abigail Adams

From the 1996 Report of the International Commission on Education for the 21st Century and the 1997 Hamburg Declaration: Literacy, broadly conceived as the basic knowledge and skills needed in a rapidly changing world is a fundamental human right. There are millions, the majority of whom are women, who lack opportunities to learn or have insufficient skills to be able to assert this right. The challenge is to enable them to do so. Literacy is also a catalyst for participating in social, cultural, political, and economic activities, and for learning throughout life.


GFWC Newsletters

​​CHAIRMAN: Brandi-Leigh Miller, email

ESO (Epsilon Sigma Omicron)

Honorary Reading Sorority of the Education Community Services Program. All club members are welcome to join. For more information on the program, click here to visit our ESO page.

Margaret Yardley Fellowship

The Margaret Yardley Fellowship Fund provides fellowship grants to deserving women who are New Jersey residents pursuing post-graduate advanced studies at the school of their choice. For more details about the grants click here to visit the MYF page.

  • New Materials will be posted soon.


Since 1989 local clubs in the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC) have sponsored spelling bees for 4th and 5th graders. Clubs either hold a spelling bee of their own or ask schools to hold spelling bees, after which the club sponsors the three winners in the District Spelling Bee. Winners from the District Spelling Bee compete in the State Spelling Bee at NJSFWC Headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ.

Here are the materials that will help your club organize and hold a Spelling Bee in your community.

  • Right now Spelling Bees are in limbo because of the pandemic. Watch for updates this winter and next spring.

“I want my children and my grandchildren to live in a world with clean air, pure drinking water, and an abundance of wildlife.” Bindi Irwin

The NJSFWC Environment Community Service Program encourages awareness of our natural resources and caring for the world around us. It offers information and ideas to promote environmental appreciation and protection. We work to preserve, maintain, and restore our natural resources; protect habitats for plants and animals; and develop sustainable habits.

Our goals include environmental education; care for our air, land, and water; recycling; litter cleanup; partnerships with community groups, schools, and children; support of wildlife; energy conservation; tree planting; and beautification - this is what the Conservation Community Service Program is all about.

We encourage all clubwomen to work to become more aware of environmental issues, enrich your communities, and become stewards of the environment. Enjoy the great outdoors!


Achievement Day Entry Forms


CHAIRMAN: Dawn Pogosaew, email

GCI for 2021 is on hold. Watch your ALMANAC for updated information.


Girls' Career Institute (GCI) offers a "mini college experience" at Douglass Residential College on the campus of Rutgers University. Delegates experience a sample of college life by living in a dorm, eating in a cafeteria, and attending lectures and workshops. They learn about career choices from volunteer professional speakers and how to network with other delegates from all over the state of New Jersey. Many establish lasting friendships with one another.

Delegates are sponsored and the cost is underwritten by a local NJSFWC club. Delegates are selected on the basis of interest, community service and participation in school activities.


  • GCI is on hold, since Rutgers will not discuss use of their facilities at this time. Watch for more information this winter or next spring.

Scholarship Application for Past GCI Delegates Attending Douglass College

Sample Press Releases for Clubs

  • New Materials will be posted soon.

To view our GCI video, visit the GCI project page by clicking here.

GCI DIRECTOR: Mary Kay Tokar, email

“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” Barbara Bush

The Health and Wellness Community Service Program is designed to inform members of issues that affect the well-being of individuals, families and communities by providing opportunities and resources to meet and address needs through volunteering. Through this program, clubs may develop and implement creative projects that promote a healthy lifestyle; increase awareness, prevention, research, and treatment of disease; target personal development; address the issues of hunger, inadequate housing, and homelessness; and/or prevent or correct financial difficulties.


Sewing Homemade Face Masks

GFWC Newsletters

CHAIRMAN: Claire Hill, email

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.” Erma Bombeck

Most club members care little about rewards and fame. We are volunteers. We work without expectation of rewards.

And yet our outstanding members should be recognized, not only for their successes, but also for their efforts. Everyone has the desire to be appreciated, and the NJSFWC has several ways to help clubs reward members for their service.



The Women of Achievement Awards represent an opportunity to acknowledge and reflect upon the extraordinary accomplishments of New Jersey Women and the impact these women have made on the lifestyle of our state.


An award given at Convention to a Federation member whose accomplishments and service to the community fall outside club work.


Honor Roll is a way to publicly honor club members for the work they have done for your club. The Honor Roll tribute is read at Convention and a brief tribute is inscribed in the Honor Roll Book kept at Headquarters.


For club members who are already on the Honor Roll, the Order of the Lily is a way to further honor them for their service.

2021 Honor Roll Charm Order of the Lily Pin Form

Honors Book

At any time of the year you may honor someone by enrolling that woman or man in the NJSFWC Honors Book. Send name and address and reason for honoring together a check for $15.00 earmarked “Honors Book” to NJSFWC Headquarters. An acknowledgment will be sent to the honoree notifying her or him of your gift.

Memorials Book

Memorials for a deceased Clubwomen or Club friends to be entered into the Memorials Book are appropriate at any time of year. A letter with the person’s name and pertinent information is sent to NJSFWC Headquarters, 55 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, with a check for $15.00 earmarked “Memorials Book”. If you wish an acknowledgment be sent to the person’s family that information should also be included in the letter, and an “In Memoriam” card will be sent.

Honors Chairman: Marie DiMatties, email

“Leadership is service and there is power in that giving: to help people, to inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.” Denise Morrison

Bottom-up or top-down, leadership involves taking risks, being innovative, and promoting new directions. While some may talk about being born leaders, most of us can learn how to be a strong leader. Club, district, state, and national volunteers can become leaders by developing a clear and compelling vision for what one wants to become; establishing attainable goals; providing – and being provided – with encouragement and appreciation; behaving with an entrepreneurial spirit; and pursuing training and education.

LEADS Program

The GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS) program is intended to identify GFWC members at the grass-roots level who have the potential and the desire to assume leadership positions in GFWC beyond their club. Participation in LEADS can help these members gain the capabilities, confidence, and commitment necessary to pursue and achieve higher office and serve with distinction. The LEADS program is held annually the day before the official opening of the GFWC Annual Convention. It is a full day of activities, and includes breakfast and lunch.


GFWC Newsletters

CHAIRMAN: Shirley Holly, First Vice President, email

Thoughtful financial planning can easily take a backseat to daily life. --Suze Orman

The Legacy Committee is a way for our Federation to move forward through planned giving. Names like Margaret Yardley and Cecilia Gaines Holland are remembered today because of the legacies they left.

You, too, can become a Legacy member. Information to come!



“With freedom comes responsibility.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Clubs and clubwomen are the local advocates for NJSFWC and GFWC’s legislative agenda. It is through the statewide and national network of grassroots advocates that the Federation gains its political influence. We are a nonpartisan, nondenominational organization. Clubwomen are allowed to advocate for policies or legislation, but NOT allowed by law to endorse candidates or engage in partisan politics. NJSFWC/GFWC members must separate personal political activities from official club or state federation work.



  • New information will be posted soon.


The GFWC Legislative Action Center is a powerful tool for GFWC’s public issues and advocacy efforts. Track bills, contact your local representative and take action on issues germane to GFWC Resolutions. Click here to visit the GFWC Action Center.


CHAIRMAN: Chris Sienkielewski, email

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” Helen Keller

The NJSFWC is a network of support for the almost 7,000 clubwomen volunteering on local, state and national levels. Working together, we constitute a powerful, service-oriented organization that provides personal enrichment, leadership opportunities, and many other benefits to its members. NJSFWC provides the resources and support to help you and your club better serve your community.

NJSFWC Membership Grant For Clubs

NJSFWC Membership Grant funding has been made available through the Shining Future Endowment Campaign to help underwrite membership recruitment and retention efforts. NJSFWC is offering six $100 grants for Club Member Recruitment and retention activities.  They will no longer be based on membership numbers.

Please describe the need for the grant in 500 words or less.  Include the goals as well as the strategies and activities you will use to achieve your recruitment and/or retention goal.

Send your completed application to NJSFWC Headquarters, 55 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, Attention Membership Grant application.

Deadline for applications is October 1, 2020, and winners will be notified by October 15th, 2020.

Include on your application:

    (as stated on your 2020 blue sheet)

Juniorette Clubs

Juniorette Clubs are clubs whose membership is composed entirely of Middle School/Junior High and High School age young women. They hold active membership and participate in the regular programs of the NJSFWC. Juniorette Clubs are sponsored by a General or Junior Club holding active membership in NJSFWC.


NJSFWC Pamphlets for Members

GFWC Newsletters & Info

  • Will be posted as received.

Other Helpful Information

  • Fact Pack for Members: Contains Acronymns, Federation History, Benefits of Membership, Special Events, How it All Works, GFWC Organization Structure, Past State Projects, and Important Information

CHAIRMAN: Susan Chambers, Third Vice President, email

Operation Chillout

Operation Chillout is New Jersey’s oldest (and only) all-volunteer mobile outreach for homeless veterans, men and women, on mission since December 21, 2000. Its motto is “no borders-no boundaries.” Its mission is to respond to the crisis of homelessness with direct compassionate actions.

First Project

The first project they need our help with is their summer collection. With everything happening with the Coronavirus, we can’t go out and purchase items so go on their website, where they have a registry for donations. They have made a deal with ShopRite and Amazon to purchase water, t-shirts and baseball caps at cost. All items cost $10.00. This project runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. PLEASE WAIT WITH YOUR ORDERS UNTIL AFTER MEMORIAL DAY WHEN THE CAMPAIGN OFFICIALLY BEGINS.

Workshop in July

We will be holding a workshop at Headquarters on Tuesday, July 28th from 10-12. You will need to register with Headquarters as seating will be limited, so please save the date.

Need a speaker for your club?

If you want a speaker for your club, please contact Barbara Rose at 908-453-3734 or


CHAIRMAN: Patricia Dahl, email

“The key to making money is to stay invested.” Suze Orman

NJSFWC members are passionate about volunteer service! Successful fundraising and development programs are necessary and important for the continued success of our organization as we strive to make a positive difference in our communities and our world. When we view fundraising and development as a tool that allows us to continue to improve lives, we are inspired to use that tool as efficiently and productively as possible.


Treasurer: Linda Babeuf, email

“Our printing press is the Internet. Our coffee houses are social networks.” Heather Brooke

Web communications are the future. Every club should have some sort of web presence, a web page, a Facebook page, or some way for potential members to get information about your club. The only way for local clubs to grow is to attract new members, and in our world this means making information available on the Internet.

If your club doesn't have any kind of web presence, the webmaster will be happy to create an informational page for you on this website. Just fill out our Web Page Information Form and email it or mail it to the webmaster.

Some of our meetings are now held on ZOOM. Click here for instructions on how to join a ZOOM Meeting.

NJSFWC Website Contest--Deadline February 28

GFWC Website Contest--Deadline March 15


CHAIRMAN: Denise Hosier, email or


To download a logo or icon, right click on the link and click "Save as" or "Save target as" and then choose the location on your computer where you want to save. Choose the smallest logos for web use, the medium size for brochures and printed materials, and the largest for signs and posters.


GFWC Logos

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” Serena Williams

History helps us learn who we are. Recognizing the achievements of women in all facets of life – science, community, government, literature, art, sports, medicine – has a huge impact on the development of self-respect and new opportunities for girls and young women.

The impact of women’s history might seem abstract to some, and less pressing than the immediate struggles of working women today. But to ignore the vital role that women’s dreams and accomplishments play in our own lives would be a great mistake. We draw strength and inspiration from those who came before us – and those remarkable women working among us today. They are part of our story, and a truly balanced and inclusive history recognizes how important women have always been in American society.


Newsletters from Women's History Resource Center

CHAIRMAN: Maribeth Hugelmeyer, email

The Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) consists of all GFWC clubs from the states of Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The MAR holds an Annual Conference each year, usually in October.