Sewing Masks for Hospitals

Keeping busy seems to be the key for many in these times of social distancing and self-quarantine.

Up north clubs have been asked to volunteer to sew face masks for the doctors and nurses. After this nightmare, the hospital is hoping to donate them to Third World Countries for their needs.

Click here for Facemask Sewing Directions. These are for masks that Valley Hospital in Northern NJ will accept. Every hospital has different standards, so check with your local hospital to see if they will accept homemade masks and what their requirements are.

Clubs may give them to nursing homes as well. Those residents have no where to go. The masks will be washed every day along with the sheets and gowns, which kills the virus.

According to Susan Adiletta of the Cranbury Woman’s Club, EVERYONE should be wearing a mask if they go to a public area. She says, “Remember, any one of us could be a carrier. Wearing a mask and gloves keeps us from touching our face, and does substantially lower our risk if we maintain a distance.”

Adiletto also says, “Hospitals all over are asking their employees to reuse their paper masks. The cloth ones can go over to help preserve them. There are filters you can insert if you leave an end open as well. It is better than nothing!”

Right now 1/8″ elastic, required for the masks, seems to be in short supply. But if you can get it and you’d like to help in this small way, go to it! Women’s clubs are always finding a way!

Marie Sullivan, NJSFWC Palisades District Vice President