NJSFWC ECONNECTION – Shirley A. Holly, NJSFWC President – July 20, 2022

You Asked, We Answer
“Can you help us explain what the $25 per member fee that we pay NJSFWC is used for?”

As a member of  the NJSFWC you are automatically a member of GFWC our “parent organization”.
 $15 of the $25 dues goes to GFWC for dues and $10 stays here in NJ.

For this $10 we maintain a State Headquarters building in New Brunswick with three staff members.  The Board of Directors holds monthly Board meetings at Headquarters from September through June. Every club in the state is entitled to hold one meeting per year at Headquarters, free of charge!

Members have the opportunity to attend National, Regional, and District days; such as GFWC Convention, Middle Atlantic Regional Conference (MAR), NJSFWC Convention and State Fall Conference, District Council events and meetings for continuing education, new ideas and the chance to socialize with people from across the state and nation.

Achievement Day and the Performing Arts Festival give members the chance to showcase their personal talents and receive recognition for their creativity and workmanship.

NJSFWC and its clubs are avenues for sharing causes you are closely involved in, which can add collective support to gain exposure and influence results.

Federation is like a sisterhood, you become lifelong friends with members and those you would not have met otherwise.

NJSFWC Supplements and GFWC programs have hundreds of project ideas in every category, that are sent to every Club President, and available to each club member online at njsfwc.org and gfwc.org.

Each club and member can obtain a host of materials, such as Market Your Club Effectively, Treasurers Handbook, Protocol, & How to Process A Motion right from the NJSFWC website.

The GFWC Clubwoman Magazine, and the NJSFWC ALMANAC available online at njsfwc.org, offer ideas, advice, and suggestions for projects in every issue. Plus the weekly eConnection keeps you up-to-date.

Clubs have the ability to register for the State of New Jersey Charitable Registration and Investigation Act.

Clubs are able to become Federally tax exempt through the Federation’s exemption status and upon completion your club is eligible for New Jersey’s state sales tax exemption.

Clubs can obtain $2M liability insurance for less than $200 under the Federation’s policy.

Sample press releases and event information are available for club use.

Every club receives free materials designed to support the operations of the club.

Members of the NJSFWC Board are always available to assist your club and to answer questions or to speak at your club meeting.

GFWC also offers member support and discounts.    https://www.gfwc.org/membership/membership-discounts/

Send your questions to President Holly at holly@njswc.org

Request from the Office:  Headquarters is missing 2 Yearbooks from the Office. We are hoping that a member may have a copy and would be willing to donate.  1996- 1997  & 1997-1998  Thank you! Send to NJSFWC Headquarters, 55 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ  08901