NJSFWC 125th–Time to Celebrate Membership!

With the NJSFWC official 125th anniversary date of November 16th approaching, why not use that as an opportunity to plan a special celebration or event for your club members?

Put together some facts about your club and NJSFWC that you can share with your members. This offers a great way to educate and remind your club members of past NJSFWC accomplishments, as well as your own club’s achievements. What better way to advertise and recruit new members than by creating materials that can brag about your club and the NJSFWC and the benefits of membership!

Consider holding a membership event at a coffee shop, restaurant, the library, or even hold a celebration at a club meeting. This creates a great opportunity to invite friends, guests, the Mayor, reporters, Library Director or any other Officials you feel would benefit from joining you at a club meeting or event.

Post some of your club’s accomplishments, including some of NJSFWC’s achievements, on your website, in your club newsletter, Facebook page or any other social media sources that your town may offer. You never know where your next new member may come from.

Refer to the Membership Supplement 2018-2020, NJSFWC Membership Benefits 2019, and other Membership materials available in the MATERIALS section for additional information.

Don’t forget to send the names and addresses of your new members to this Officer so they may receive an NJSFWC new member welcome letter.

–Barbara McCloskey, NJSFWC 3rd VP/Membership