Sad News: GCI Cancelled


Mary E. Wolfe, NJSFWC President, and I, the Girls’ Career Institute Director, were informed earlier this afternoon that all of the activities scheduled to be held on Rutgers University campus for the summer period have been cancelled. I first notified my remarkable staff of the message we had received.  Once that most difficult task was done, I prepared a data base to notify all the Girls’ Career Institute Club Coordinators for whom I had emails.  I will call the rest if I have phone numbers for them. In a few cases I notified school guidance counselors who spearheaded the recruitment and selection of the Delegates and Alternates for GCI 2020 if I didn’t have the contact information for a particular club.  Now I would ask each of you to please notify your Club Presidents. I think that this way each club should get the information as quickly as possible.

Tonight I will also be sending emails to each of the girls who thought that in just two months they were going to participate in a “Life Changing” event. All of the current uncertainty and restrictions are weighing heavily on the girls. Most calls and questions I have received from club coordinators told me how much their club’s girls were looking forward to the experience. Believe me when I say that all of the staff, speakers and every club woman and spouses were anxious and praying that we would be able to have GCI 2020. However, it is not to be. We must pack up our supplies and begin to plan and prepare for GCI 2021. The enthusiasm from so many corners for GCI 2020 has been remarkable. I was so looking forward to my last year as the Director. I’m sure you share my disappointment for life as we knew it just a few weeks ago.

May God Bless you all for the remarkable work you do to keep your NJSFWC Districts moving forward. I hope to join those ranks in 2021.

Jill McDonald

Director, GCI