GFWC Legislative Blitz

April 24, Federation Day

Here is information about GFWC’s Legislative Blitz from the  March 19th GFWC News & Notes:

Participate in our legislative blitz to celebrate GFWC’s Federation Day, April 24, 2020! Plan to have your club members, along with family and friends, call, email, or write your United States Senators and Representatives on that day and urge them to pass Miranda’s Law (S. 1787 and H.R. 2793) and the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act (S. 1831 and H.R. 3265). We also urge you to meet with your members of Congress or their staff during the month of April to advocate for these bills. These meetings can be held at local district offices or in Washington, D.C. offices. Be sure to reach out early to schedule your meetings.

For those who have already called, sent messages through our Legislative Action Center, or even sent your own message through email, we encourage you to ensure that at least three others have done the same. You can find information sheets on these bills in the Advocacy in Action section of our Legislative Action Center. Use the provided informational pieces as leave-behinds for your members of Congress and their staffers. Let’s bombard legislators with requests to make two of our Brand Initiative bills into law.

NOTE from Carole Speechley, NJSFWC Legislation/Resolutions Chairman: This is our last chance to participate with our Federation sisters across the country in GFWC’s nation-wide legislative action days.  The easiest way to participate is to use the GFWC Legislative Action Center on  With the COVID-19 virus so big here in New Jersey, please do not put your health in risk by a personal meeting with your members of Congress.

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the Brand Initiatives or will on April 24th.  You are making a difference.

In Federation,

Mary E. Wolfe, President
New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs of GFWC