SSP Pins, Operation Smile


The Special State Project pins have arrived.  It is a revised version of the Operation Chillout logo.  The hand reaching up with the dog tags symbolized the veteran reaching out for assistance.  The hands reaching out to help represents the many hands that make up our Clubs.  Cost is $5 and they can be ordered from Headquarters.  If you place an order before September 8th, your DVP can bring them back to your District.

And speaking of pins, like me, many of you may have a stash of past Special State Project pins that we put away after the project is over.  These organizations, however, continue on and I think it might be fun to wear an old pin (along with the current pin) to support that organization during their designated day or month.  September is National Service Dog Month so wear your Canine Companion for Independence.


Operation Smile estimates that there are millions of children waiting for care in the 34 countries where they work. The majority of these children are unable to receive the medical care they need because it is too costly, far away, or specialized. Because of this, being born with a cleft condition can be fatal. If a child survives, they may face bullying and social isolation. Through their expertise in treating cleft lip and cleft palate, they create solutions that deliver safe surgery to people where it’s needed most.

Operation Smile has asked us to stop sending smile dolls as their supply is high.  They still need but can use NONO Arm bands, Smile Bags and Hospital Gowns.

The websites for directions are:

For hospital gown information or other projects contact Operation Smile


Reminder:  If you call Ray from Operation Chillout for a speaker, please leave a message if he is not able to answer.

They will be sending the information on who donated what on the Registry and we will share it with you.

October 19, 2020, 1 to 4 p.m.

Reminder: When you register, please include everyone’s email address.

Registration forms can be found in the September ALMANAC Flyers availalble on the website, select MATERIALS then ALMANAC. Or click here for 2020 State Fall Conference Registration