The New Normal, a Message from the President

A Message from the President
Jan W. Hanson, NJSFWC President

Normally, at this point in the calendar I am starting to enjoy the last days of Summer while looking forward to the start of the Club year. Normally, there is a familiar rhythm to the fundraisers, social events and meetings that have been planned. Normally, there is the opportunity to get together and catch up with friends. Normally, I am not concerned about how we are going to keep our Club thriving and continue to provide for the community.

After six months of the Covid-19 virus I still have not figured out what is normal. I do know tough decisions have to be made; how do we as a Club or Federation survive? Because survive we must.

We have to accept that fact that it is okay to take care of our Club and Federation first, even if it means we may not have the resources to help our community as much as we have in the past. It is similar to the oxygen mask on a plane. The directions are to put yours on first, so that you will be able to help others. As much as I would like to suspend the responsibility of clubs to pay their dues, the Federation cannot survive without it. We need you more than ever. We still need to pay the bills and keep the Office open. We are looking at ways to cut costs and apply for grants. Just like your club we have lost our fundraisers, so we are looking at other options.

If you did your Club budget last Spring, it may be obsolete and you might want to take another look at it. Your expenses and income have probably changed. You might want to consider different fundraisers, and in September we are planning a Zoom workshop to share ideas on how to hold a fundraiser during a Pandemic. I had a totally out of the box thought. My Club can no longer hold its monthly game and card party which includes a lunch and table prize for the cost of $10. It occurred to me that I could just donate $10 each month because in reality I can survive without the lunch. I will miss the camaraderie, but I do not need it to support my Club. I am giving them $10 and instead of lunch I get the knowledge that I am helping us meet our goals. I realize this Pandemic has hit some people financially, so this may not be feasible for all members.

Just like we need to take care of our Club and Federation first, we may need to take care of our members as well. Do you have members who are isolated that may need phone calls? Do you have members that have been financially affected? Perhaps you can set up a fund for members who are having serious trouble. Take the time to come up with a plan on how your club can help its members, as well as the community. Federation is here to help you with your questions and share ideas for these unusual times. Let us know of your need and how we can be of assistance.

As President I am determined to not let this virus defeat us. I am lucky to have the help of a committed Executive Committee, State Board and Office Staff. And I have all of you. I am proud to belong to an organization with such creative, caring and committed members. I am counting on all of us to do the best we can to get to the other side of this Pandemic better than ever. I know you will not let me down.

In Federation Friendship,
Jan Hanson