econnection – 4/4/23 – Spelling Bee Winners & CEO Days Congrats



Shirley A. Holly, NJSFWC President

Webinar: Take Action: Stop Violence Against Women & Girls
Date:  Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023 11:30 a.m.

The recent CDC report relaying staggering statistics on the violence faced by teen girls today, has moved many people to want to take action…as a citizen, a bystander, or as a caring friend or co-worker. Stephenie Foster and gender experts from leading organizations will share new information about what individuals can do in their daily lives to combat teen sexual violence.

Stephenie Foster is GFWC Juniors Special Programs Honorary Chairmen with many years of experience in advocating for women and children’s rights all over the world.

Congratulations to Civic Engagement and Outreach Chairman Ann Ribinsky Brown and the District CEO Chairman for wonderfully executed CEO Days last week.  These six Districts had excellent speakers from their community.  Members gained important information about the organizations, and learned about organizations they can partner with and support.   Those organizations learned about the  clubs in their community and who to call when they have a need..  It’s a win win for clubs and the community.  Next year there will be a State CEO Day where we can all come together.  Save the date of March 7, 2024 at the Battleground Country Club.

District Chairman Thank you to:
Lin Hrycenko – College
June Adair – Garden
Elaine Hosfield – Highlands
Jane Mackesy – Liberty
Susan Fosdick -Palisades
Laurie Cacavo – Shore

State Spelling Bee
Congratulations to State Spelling Bee Chairman Brandi-Leigh Miller on a successful spelling bee!  There were 21 participants when we started which dwindled down round after round to the top 3 spellers.  The winners were:

First Place: Amanda Estrada (Junior Woman’s Club of Ramsey, Ramapo)
Second Place: Conrad Pocina (Woman’s Club of Denville/Rockaway, Highlands)
Third Place: Elisha Kim (Junior Woman’s Club of Harrington Park, Palisades)

There were 26 rounds and the winning word was squabble!  Thank you to all of the clubs who held club bees and sent students on to the District and state bee!  This is one of my favorite projects.

There will not be a Wednesday, April 5th eConnection.