eConnection 4/20: GCI, Operation Smile, Convention

by Jan W. Hanson, NJSFWC President

Girls Career Institute

  1. Make sure your alternates are registered, not just the delegates. There are 108 registered delegates, but only 33 alternates.
  2. Donations of materials for Vision Boards are needed. A Vision Board is ‘a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation’. Science Fair Backboards (we cut in half for vision boards), Magazines that can be cut-up for pictures and words, Stick on decorations, bling, etc. to decorate the boards.
  3. We can use
    • some fleece for no-sew blankets,
    • Blank Greeting Card Envelopes (5×7) for homemade cards (I have card-making supplies),
    • Some bags of candy sugar and sugar free to fill tray favors.
    • Sheets/books/rolls of stickers to decorate cards / envelopes / tray favors


Operation Smile

Jill McDonald will be making a delivery to Operation Smile in mid-May. Clubs can bring donations to Convention in Atlantic City or Headquarters for free delivery to the Operation Smile warehouse in Virginia Beach. For more information contact Jill at


One last reminder-check-in at the hotel is in the main lobby, not the Havana Tower. Once you arrive go to the 4th floor, North Tower for registration right outside of the Ballroom. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces.



1-Data Sheets (Blue Sheets) due to Headquarters. Late arrivals will use last years membership numbers for the Dues Bill.