eConnection 12/16: New Award, Another Change, Spring Conference

New Award

At the 2021 Convention we will be recognizing the top five Clubs that donate the largest per capita on the Continuing Fund Sheet. So, if you have 40 members and donate $40, that would be 100%, however, if you donate $80 that would be 200%. In this case the size of the Club does not matter, but how much you donate in relationship to the size of your Club. No registration is necessary, when you send your Continuing Fund sheet postmarked by April 1st, your Club is automatically entered to win. You can find information on the projects or on the NJSFWC website,

Another Change

Since it is unlikely that we will be able to hold the Performing Arts Festival in person, and it would be difficult to hold it virtually, we are going to have to cancel it for this year. But save the date. The Civic Engagement District Days, scheduled for March 29, 2021 will now be held via Zoom on each District’s Performing Arts Day. The purpose of this Day is to invite organizations from your District to speak about their organization and what our Clubs can do to work with them. This is a great chance to network with other organizations while getting our name out into the community. More information will come from your Civic Engagement and Outreach Chairman and your District Vice President.

Spring Conference and Achievement Day

I asked both Alexa and Siri if we were going to be able to hold our in-person Spring Conferences and Achievement Day and they both told me that there was not enough data to make that decision. If necessary, we will hold District Spring Conferences via Zoom and we are looking at options for holding Achievement Day with a limited number of people in order to judge the submissions. We may have to hold Convention as a Webinar. Or the vaccines will be distributed and we will be able to meet safely again. Only time will tell.

Happy Hanukkah!

Jan W. Hanson, NJSFWC President