eConnection – 1/30/31 – Report Writing


Last Minute Report Writing Instructions!

As stated by President Holly in her letter to the clubs regarding report writing:

Writing year end reports, including project narratives is the best way to document your club’s history.  With that said, it is your club’s history that you are recording, not what your club members did outside your club, unless it was a ‘club sponsored’ project.
This was copied from the Report writing instructions that were sent to all clubs:  ADDITIONAL REPORTING INFORMATION:
Club Sponsored Activities and Projects vs. Individual Member Volunteer Activities – Remember, CLUBS REPORT, members do not. If a member volunteers outside of her club, the hours cannot be counted unless it is a “club sponsored” project.
Please keep that in mind when you are calculating volunteer hours and dollars spent on projects.
Thank you to all of the clubs who have already sent their Year End Reports, we look forward to many more!
Reminder, that Year End Reports need to be postmarked by February 1, 2023