Develop your Leaders with LEADS

by Shirley Holly, NJSFWC President-Elect

What is LEADS?

The GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS) is a program for members who have the potential and desire to assume leadership positions beyond their club. Participation in GFWC LEADS can help members gain the capabilities, confidence and commitment necessary to pursue leadership positions within the state. The LEADS program is held annually the day before the official opening of the GFWC Annual Convention. It is a full day of activities, including breakfast and lunch.

What is the criteria for LEADS?

  • Demonstrates leadership capabilities at the club level as an active club president, club officer, or club project or committee
  • Exhibits a commitment to the
  • Exhibits an understanding of the GFWC mission of community service, illustrated by programs and projects in which she is or has been
  • Demonstrates leadership   characteristics,   including,  but  not  limited  to,  organization,  responsibility, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and
  • Exhibits an interest in and willingness to pursue higher leadership positions in
  • Agrees to share information gained from participation in LEADS with others in the State
  • Understands and accepts potential expenses involved in
  • Has not held elected positions at or beyond the state level (this criterion is recommended in order to encourage potential leaders at the club level to apply).
  • Has not attended a previous LEADS Members are eligible to attend only once.

Expense –

GFWC demonstrates its’ commitment to training leaders by funding a portion of the expenses of candidates who are members of per capita dues paying clubs. State Federations may consider underwriting a portion of an attendee’s expenses. LEADS candidates are asked to be responsible for a portion of their expenses as an affirmation of their personal commitment to the leadership development and training. LEADS participants are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements.

State Federation attendees receive:

  • Stipend of $250 for
  • Lodging allowance for half of the double room rate for two nights at the Convention
  • Breakfast and lunch during the LEADS program (no registration fee is required).
  • Check will be distributed to candidates upon attendance and completion of the

How does a club nominate a LEADS candidate?

All NJSFWC clubs are encouraged to nominate a clubwoman they think would be ideal for the LEADS program. The application form can be found in the November issue of the ALMANAC. Applications for the June 2022 LEADS must be submitted with a photograph of the applicant, and two letters of recommendation from a federated member on or before February 1, 2022 to NJSFWC Headquarters, Attention – Shirley Holly, President Elect, 55 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901