eConnection June 3, 2020

Jan Hanson, President

New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs of GFWC
Jan Hanson, President

COVID19 Response

So far 37 clubs have reported helping out during the Covid-19 Pandemic. At a minimum, 13,886 masks have been made with more being produced each day. There have been 3,425 hats, 421 ear savers and 50 shields created. Money has been donated for food for first responders, hospitals, food pantries and needy families for a total or $19,073. Cards and notes were written and sent and gift baskets were given to supermarket workers. Two pints of much needed blood was donated. One club donated pad and chargers to be used by patients and one club donated clogs for doctors. Is your club doing something which has not been reported to Health and Wellness State Chairman? There is still time to send in your information to Congratulations to all our members who have stepped up to help out..

Notes from the Environmental Chairman, Dawn Pogosaew

While our society is recovering from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can still make a tremendous contribution to protect our environment. Now more than ever, environmental organizations need your help. Below is a link to a list of organizations throughout New Jersey that are dedicated to the protection and preservation of our State that may be able to use your help. Many of these organizations will have a “wish list” of items that they need. Consider donating an item on their list or helping out on a project. Don’t forget to check your local municipalities and environmental organizations.

June 22-28, 2020 is National Pollinator Week

Consider planting a native New Jersey pollinator friendly plant. Our State butterfly, the black swallowtail relies on Zizia aurea (Golden Alexander), but any plant in the carrot family will do, such as fennel, parsley or dill. Be sure to provide a nectar source as well. A container filled with colorful annuals such as zinnia, petunia, and verbena will attract many thirsty pollinators

NABA (The North American Butterfly Association) has a butterfly count project on July 4th 2020. Visit and go to the Butterfly Count Program for information. This is a great way to learn about our butterflies, become a citizen scientist, and help collect crucial data needed for conservation. Make sure to document and share your day with us!

A few other environmentally friendly ideas to try this summer:

  • skip the supermarkets and buy from local producers. By purchasing vegetables directly from the grower or your local farmers market, you greatly reduce your carbon foot print. Many farms now have CSA programs (community-supported agriculture). Consider joining one and split the weekly veggies with a friend or better yet grow your own
  • if you do go to the supermarket, bring your own reusable bags (make sure they are washable).
  • go for a walk every nice day even if it is for a few minutes! If you venture out and visit a local park, or beach, make sure to bring a plastic bag and gloves with you to collect any garbage you may encounter.
  • consider holding small meetings outdoors.
  • use stainless steel reusable water bottles or reusable coffee mugs (fill a thermos with extra water or coffee and skip refilling it at a store) – get into the habit of bringing them with you whenever you leave the house.

Get outside and enjoy the summer!

Jan W. Hanson, President


Honorable Mention:
Hightstown Woman’s Club, College District

Third Place:
Woman’s Club of Dumont, Palisades District

Second Place:
Woman’s Club of Brielle, Inc., Shore District

First Place:
Sparta Woman’s Club, Highlands District
This project will be sent on to GFWC for judging

If you are interested in what these projects encompassed, you can read all of them in the September ALMANAC.