2020 Women of Achievement Named

NJSFWC President 2018-2020 Mary Wolfe announced the four winners of the Women of Achievement Awards that were to be presented at Convention. The winners are: Mary Ellen Brock, Loretta P. Finnegan M.D., Margaret “Marty” A. Gillis, and Felicia E. McGinty.

Mary Ellen Brock
President, General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Mary Ellen Brock is currently serving as the 2018-2020 International President of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an international organization of over 75,000 women from across the country and the world.

Loretta P. Finnegan, M.D.
Executive Officer, College on Problems of Drug Dependence Inc.

Loretta is the President of Finnegan Consulting, which addresses education, research and treatment in issues relating to women’s health and perinatal addiction.

Margaret “Marty” A. Gillis
Business Owner, Community Leader, Advocate

Margaret serves as a member of the Rutgers Board of Trustees. She is active with the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College and Chair of the African-American Consumer Market Committee.

Felicia E. McGinty
Executive, Vice Chancellor of Administration and Planning, Rutgers University

Felicia is also the Executive Officer of New Jersey’s largest land-grant flagship campus, an AAU research university and member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, educating more than 50,000 students.

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