2020 Voting Results

Thank you to the NJSFWC Delegates for voting electronically by the deadline.  Voting is now closed and the ballots have been tallied.

Delegate registration based on email addresses is as follows:

DELEGATES 256 representing 85 clubs

Election of Trustees

Number of votes cast: 247  

The majority voted in favor and the slate of officers was elected.  See vote tally, For and Against, below.

The 2020-2022 administration will take office on Wednesday, May 6.

Congratulations to incoming President Jan Hanson and the newly elected trustees:

First Vice President, Shirley Holly 244 For/1 Against
Second Vice President, Barbara McCloskey 246 For/0 Against
Third Vice President, Susan Chambers 246 For/0 Against
Recording Secretary, Joanne Mangels 245 For/0 Against
Corresponding Secretary Ann Ribinsky Brown 244 For/1 Against
Treasurer, Linda Babeuf 242 For/3 Against
Financial Secretary, Chris Burlew 245 For/1 Against
College District Vice President, Mary Lou Bak 231 For/1 Against
Garden District Vice President, Jill McDonald 230 For/0 Against
Highlands District Vice President, Nancy Levy 229 For/0 Against
Liberty District Vice President, Ellen Lund 225 For/0 Against
Palisades District Vice President, Debbie Cibelli 229 For/1 Against
Shore District Vice President, Randi Quilici 225 For/1 Against
Southern District Vice President, Pamela McNamee 224 For/0 Against
The Arts/Creative CSP Chairman, Lynn Webb 224 For/0 Against
The Arts/Performing CSP Chairman, Rosemarie Saviello 247 For/0 Against
Conservation CSP Chairman, Dawn Pogosaew 241 For/1 Against
Education CSP Chairman, Brandi Leigh Miller 244 For/0 Against
Home Life CSP Chairman, Claire Hill 245 For/0 Against
Public Issues CSP Chairman, Gail Kovacs-Felici 241 For/2 Against

Proposed Amendments to the NJSFWC Bylaws

Number of votes cast: 215

The majority voted in favor and the adopted Bylaw Amendments became effective immediately.

The Bylaws Committee is authorized to correct Article and Section designations, punctuation and cross references, and make such other technical and conforming changes as may be necessary.

Thank you to Bylaws Chairman Carol Swinburne and her committee for an outstanding job.

NJSFWC Proposed Resolutions

Number of votes cast: 207

The majority voted in favor and the Resolutions are adopted.

Thank you to Legislation/Resolutions Chairman Carole Speechley, and her committee for giving us Resolutions of which we can be proud.  They now become part of our history of making changes in the world around us.

Members are reminded that clubs and individuals should write to the appropriate Legislators to express their support for the legislation mentioned in these resolutions. One letter from the Legislation/Resolutions chairman is good.  One letter from her and one hundred from our members is even better!

—Mary E. Wolfe, NJSFWC President