Spring Is a Time for Renewal

By Karen Martinek, GFWC Environment Community Service Program Chairman
From GFWC News & Notes 4/7/22

Spring is a time for renewal, a time to participate in environmental observances to help restore and take care of our planet.

National Park Week: April 16-24

Springtime is ideal for visiting many of the U.S. National Parks. It is the best time to find early-season pleasures such as blooming wildflowers, rushing waterfalls, and playful animals.

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of their partnership with the U.S. Public Health Service, the National Park Service encourages everyone to explore the power of parks for better health. After a long winter of being indoors or experiencing difficult times, a dose of nature is often the best medicine. Just a five-minute walk in nature improves mood, self-esteem, and relaxation.

Our National Parks are one of our greatest treasures. Besides their beauty and recreational opportunities, the parks provide valuable natural resources and sanctuaries for a wide range of species of wildlife and plants. The National Park Foundation encourages our support for park preservation and protection.

Earth Day: Friday, April 22

Earth Day is a global movement to encourage environmental education and volunteerism. This years’ theme is “Invest in Our Planet.”

Climate change is our most urgent environmental concern. Earth is the only home we have. We need everyone to get involved and make the choice to help heal our planet. We each have the power to advocate for and support businesses that protect our environment and fight against those that don’t.

Arbor Day: Friday, April 29

Arbor Day is a day dedicated to planting trees. This year’s theme is “Trees Are Terrific…for Today and Tomorrow!”

Why plant trees? They make the environment healthier by purifying the air we breathe, filtering our water, and providing a habitat for birds and wildlife.

Do you know which is better for the environment: planting new trees or protecting existing forests?

Stay tuned for the answer—and more information on these celebrations—in an upcoming April News and Notes. Mark your calendars and schedule club projects, submitting your success stories with photos to PR@GFWC.org to be considered for the GFWC Blog. Use Facebook to share pictures as well.

As Leo Tolstoy said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Let’s spring into action and Invest in Our Planet.