News: State Fall Conference, MAR

September 20, 2023
Shirley A. Holly, NJSFWC President


We were notified by Walgreens that there will now be a service fee for every offsite immunization clinic. The fee is based on the number of people getting the shots, but the minimum fee is $600. We have opted to not incur this expense, so there will be no Flu Shots given at State Fall Conference. You can still go to Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid Pharmacy on your own, to get your flu shots free of charge. We were very disappointed to hear that they have instituted this change, but feel we need to be fiscally responsible and didn’t want to pass on the cost to members when they can get the shot for free.


Middle Atlantic Regional Conference

MAR – Just a reminder for those members attending MAR – the Inaugural Day of Service falls during our regional conference. We are the lucky ones who get to set the tone and stage for a successful event! We have been doing Day of Service for years here in NJ, so let’s show the rest of the states in our region how it’s done!

During this administration, MAR President MaryPat Marcello has focused on the host state Special State Project. Last year we supported New York’s project and heard speakers from NAMI. This year will be focused on NJ’s project – Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. They say timing is everything and this National Day of Service falls at a perfect time for the ECF pantries whose shelves are nearly empty. With children going back to school the pantries are struggling to meet the needs of the families they serve.

Please bring any kind of canned goods, peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna, prepackaged snacks, etc. Please check the expiration dates as ECF children going through treatments have weakened immune systems. If you have members who want to participate but can’t attend MAR, please offer to collect and bring whatever items they’d like to donate with you to MAR. Last year over 2,200 pounds of food was donated. Let’s double that amount for the children suffering from cancer. They shouldn’t be hungry also!

Thank you!