News of the Week 12/6/23

Shirley A. Holly, NJSFWC President
December 6, 2023

Leadership Workshop

Last chance to sign up for the Leadership Workshop being held this Saturday, December 9th at NJSFWC Headquarters. Come listen to new speakers with new topics: The Accidental Leader, Six Thinking Hats: Innovative Decision Making Process, and Public Speaking: How to be an Effective Communicator.

Contact President-elect Barbara McCloskey at to register.

Think About It

There are no “Hallmark” or Dollar Tree” stores in the far away places where our service members are stationed. The military base exchanges are much more limited in “unnecessary” supplies such as greeting cards and the costs are prohibitive for the lower ranking troops.

For several years NJSFWC members have collected greeting cards for soldiers and channeled them through the USO to soldiers, sailors and airmen stationed around the world. Many club women have written greetings to the soldiers and thanked them for their service trying to bring a bit of caring to each one who received them. Very thoughtful and meaningful to the recipient and still needed.

Other club women have collected new cards with envelopes to stock community service points on military bases. The service personnel can drop by and pick out cards to send to family members and friends; often they have postage free mailing privileges. Wonderful, BUT??

Today’s military personnel are younger than most of our members. They communicate almost exclusively with cell phones, internet, Zoom, Facebook and other electronic based devices. The need for our greeting cards has greatly decreased.

Consider preparing and delivering your greeting cards to local area Veteran and elder care facilities. The Recreation Director at local area assisted living, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes as well as developmental centers can direct your efforts toward bringing joy to those who cannot get out to shop or lack funds to purchase. Residents or patients in these care facilities love to get a greeting card, be it seasonal or birthday or Thinking of You.

Continue to bring joy to others. I have delivered many boxes of cards to the USO in Arlington, VA over the years, but the reception there is no longer a joy. Recycle and redirect your efforts to those who will be so grateful for the warm touch of your thoughtfulness.

Submitted by Jill McDonald, Honors Chairman at


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