eConnection – 12-21-22 – News of the Day

Did you know...

Corporate Matching Funds & Service Hour Donations.
Do you  work for a company that offers Matching Funds when you make a donation? Perhaps your spouse does?  Did you know many companies match your charitable donations? Why not check with your company to see what their policy is on matching employee charitable donations? Also some major companies make donations to a 501c (3) when you perform service hours!

One of our members is retired and submits all her service hours when she volunteers at club events. This year alone her company has donated $1,500 for her service hours!

New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs has been selected AGAIN to receive $1 from every $2.50  Community Bag sold during the month of January 2023  at the Stop & Shop – 424 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park NJ.

Why not pick up some for club members or use one as a gift bag?  Reusable bags are a perfect way to say thank you to someone who helped your club or you!

This helps NJSFWC and our planet! 

Starting today The Body Shop is having a great sale.
If your holiday shopping is all wrapped up, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Or, you may want to pick up something for yourself or perhaps as a gift for a college student starting their second semester in January.
Website is

And the winner is…

Brandi Leigh Miller is the winner of the beautiful vintage mink coat with a bid of $1,000.  Thank you to all who submitted a bid to support our Headquarters building!  And thank you to the donor of the coat who wishes to remain anonymous for her generosity!

Thank you NJSFWC Members for your dedication to federation,
not just during the holidays, but everyday throughout the year.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Hanukkah which started on Monday, a Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa.  Whatever holiday you celebrate with your family, may it be filled with love, peace and joy, not just today, but in the new year also!