eConnection 11/11: Veteran’s Day, Wreaths Across America

Veterans Day

Today is Veteran’s Day so take a moment to thank a veteran for their service. Many of you already have with the overwhelming number of sweatshirts that have been donated.

Wreaths Across America

by Gail Kovacs-Felici, Civic Engagement and Outreach Chairman

In this Chairman’s opinion, the Wreaths Across America website is not very user friendly.
So here are step by step directions.

1. Go to WAA webpage
2. Go to menu – on upper right side of page
3. Select – search locations/groups
4. Select – local sponsorship groups
5. Enter NJ0176 on search line
6. NJSFWC should be up – then hit the sponsor button
7. When you do that a white box comes up.
8. It first asks you the number of wreaths.
9. The next box is location to sponsor –
10. You can either leave the default OR select CHOOSE ANOTHER LOCATION
11. When you choose another location, either use the code from the September Council bulletin OR scroll down to pick the location you would prefer.

The deadline for ordering wreaths is November 30.

If there are still problems, please contact me at