eConnection 1/20: Convention News

by Jan Hanson, NJSFWC President

Virtual Convention

If you have never been to a Convention, this year gives you the opportunity to get a taste without leaving your home.  If you have attended Convention, this will give you a chance to continue this tradition and still see friends via the computer.  Not an ideal situation, but I am looking forward to your support.  We have overcome a lot of obstacles and this is just another one.  So save April 26th and April 27th to attend the NJSFWC 127th Convention.  We are looking forward to announcing the updated plans as they are confirmed.

Convention Ad Book 

Even though Convention will be virtual we would still like people to send in Ads for the Convention Journal Ad Book, which we are now call the NJSFWC Tribute Book.  Take this opportunity to thank or honor someone in your Club or the Federation.  Since we cannot distribute these books at Convention, we have extended the due date to June 1st.   Once printed, you have my promise they will be distributed to the Clubs and individuals who contributed to the new Tribute Book.  The new form will be sent out in the CALL; however, you can still use the original form.

Friends of Convention

Friends of Convention will now be Friends of NJSFWC and will appear in the new NJSFWC Tribute Book.  This is not just for members, but you can ask other friends and family members to support NJSFWC.  A new form will be in the CALL, but you can use the old form.

Report Writing

Thank you to Second Vice President Barbara McCloskey for leading the Report Writing Workshops.  We hope it was helpful in your report writing efforts.  If you still have questions, you can contact Barbara or the State Chairman who will receive your report.  If you do not normally report, please consider reporting on at least one project. |