Celebrate Your Members!

Come for the Membership, Stay for the Journey, Make an Impact.

All of our members – whether they have been with you for many years, or are relatively new to your club – are on a journey with you and the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs.

We hope you will find ways to celebrate each of their journeys and recognize their accomplishments.

Your events can take place throughout November, December and January, but also think about other ways you can honor your members throughout the year.

Here are some ideas:

  • Organize a thank-a-thon. Enlist some of your members to directly thank other members for their work. They can send notes, emails, or call them…just to say thank you!
  • Spotlight your members’ efforts on Facebook, your website and in your newsletters.
  • Put some money in your budget for membership and buy some $5.00 gift cards,
  • NJSFWC items (like pens, notecards, etc.), or seasonal items like scarves and gloves.
  • Be inclusive: you may have the same people doing many hours in your club, but never fail to recognize the member who may only be able to give a small amount of time.

Please send me pictures of your events and stories of how you celebrate your members. Email them to me: sienkielewski@njsfwc.org