Peapack-Gladstone Woman's Club

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Peapack-Gladstone Woman’s Club

Established 1921; Federated 1922

Our History

"Not for ourselves, but others."

The history of the Peapack-Gladstone Woman’s Club follows the flow of the energies and focus of the women who formed it and the women who followed. The first president of the Club was Sara Gulick Kay who adopted the above motto. This motto holds as true today as it did when it was first used.

As the club developed, women of the villages and outlying farm areas banded together and provided a social environment to enrich their lives.  Lecturers were invited to speak.  They took advantage of the local schools for musical programs.  They shared book reviews together.  It was during these early years that the Club was invited to become custodians of a collection of books that were perceived as the start of a local library.  Eventually this lead to the establishment of the Peapack-Gladstone Library.  The Peapack-Gladstone Woman’s Club supervised the running and maintenance of the library until 1982 when it was incorporated into the Somerset County Library System.

The initial focus of the Club, namely education, child welfare, and literature, channeled many of the early undertakings of the Club and continues to be the cornerstone of our present-day activities.  It provides a structure for Club members to foster learning through programs and allows the opportunity to care for the needy, cultivate friendships and contribute to their community.

Our Accomplishments

  • Established and operated the borough library from 1936 to 1982
  • Purchased and maintained the community center, the Sara Kay Memorial Building, for 60 years
  • Established and awards annual scholarships for graduating high school seniors
  • Supports Days for Girls, producing 200 kits annually which represents over 3000 hours of work. Days for Girls, a nonprofit global organization, prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods.
  • Sponsors high school students at Girls' Career Institute, a mini-college experience

Our Meeting Information

Meetings are held at the Peapack and Gladstone Municipal Building.

Guests always are welcome!

Peapack-Gladstone Woman’s Club
PO Box 618, Peapack, NJ 07977

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