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Annual Report Forms & Instructions

“At school I was always trying to con my teachers into letting me act out book reports instead of writing them.” Laura Linney

Why do we need to do reports? 

Reports are the way we communicate in a succinct way the vast variety and impact of our club projects. The information we report to our NJSFWC Chairmen not only lets them know what each club is doing, but also might be used as the basis for decisions or action on the various projects.

NJSFWC Mary Wolfe talks about the importance of reporting: "In all of the years I've been a member of NJSFWC, I've never heard anyone say they were looking forward to writing reports! However, women have said to me that, when the reports were finished, they were surprised and very proud of all their club had accomplished during the year. Without report writing, would your members recognize all they had accomplished?"

So complete and submit your reports and be proud!


Instructions and Guidelines

  1. Cover Letter from NJSFWC President Mary Wolfe
  2. 2018 Report Writing General Information
  3. Valuation Guide
  4. Where Should We Report It?


Community Service Program Report Forms:


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