North Brunswick

Woman’s Club

College District



North Brunswick Woman’s Club
P.O. Box 7246, North Brunswick, NJ 08902


Organized and Federated 1965
Founder: Mrs. Martin J.Supp, Jr.



The North Brunswick Woman’s Club is a non-political and non-sectarian organization whose objectives are: 

 a) to promote higher social and moral conditions;

b)  to aid the local civic community services in  North  Brunswick; and

c) to cooperate with the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.



“Joined Together, Making a Difference”



 “Blessed is he who gives and forgets,
  and blessed is he who receives and remembers.”



Second Monday, 7:00 p.m.
North Brunswick Municipal Building


North Brunswick Woman’s Club

Officers and Department Chairmen

2018 – 2020



President – Joyce Dreger

Vice President – Sheral Rossmnn

Recording Secretary – Eleanor Holz

Corresponding Secretary – Thelma Comparato

Treasurer – Irene Varga

Financial Secretary – Maureen Peragallo


Department Chairmen

Arts Creative – Clara Ferrigno

Arts Performing – Susan Kneller

Conservation – Barbara Meyer & Margie Vogel

Education – Josephine Donellan

Home Life/Social Services – Kathy Pavalkis

Public Affairs - Charlene Keelan


Standing Committee Chairmen

ByLaws – Irene Varga

Communication – Laura Pelszynski

Finance – Maureen Peragallo

Membership – Thelma Comparato

Hospitality - 

Newsletter – Cookie Miller

Programs – Sheral Rossman & Joyce Dreger

Reporting - Joyce Dreger & Kathy Pavalkis

State Project – Carol Lagowski & Renee Walczak

Ways & Means – 

Website / Facebook  – Laura Pelszynski

Yearbook – Irene Varga

Historian / Parliamentarian – 

Craft & Vendor Show – Sheral Rossmann