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Boatsie's Boxes

Boatsie's Boxes                                                                    

This fun project is ging to be repeated again this year. So let’s get started with filling the Christmas stockings! The stockings (red felt or other sturdy red material) can be any size between 13-19 inches.

2017 Boatsies Boxes Flyer with Instructions and Delivery Dates

Suggested items to include:

Food: Christmas candy, candy canes, mints, hot chocolate mix, apple cider mix, nuts, gummy “anything”, chewing gum, dried fruit, lifesavers. You can send chocolate candy, but place them into Ziploc bags

Entertainment: DVDs, Hacky sacs, novelty balls, playing cards, puzzle books, yo-yos, pens, notepads or any items they might be able to use to unwind. DVDs are especially popular, so you better ask the youngsters in the family, what the young people today like.

​Boatsies Boxes 2016 -- 1,283 stockings being packed to be delivered to West Virginia for shipping to our troops serving overseas. Our partnership with Boatsie's Boxes has been a club favorite the last several years. "I'm so proud of my fellow New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs of GFWC club women." NJSFWC President Jean Revis.

2016 Boatsies 2016 Boatsies JeanwBoatsies
Boatsies Boxes 2015--Boatsies continues to be a success 1, 175 stockings were collected and delivered to Boatsies for the troops. Congratulations!
Boatsie’s Boxes 2014

Our Boatsies Team








This year 977 stockings, filled to the brim (and some overflowing), were delivered to Wheeling, West Virginia.Clubs also made more than $4,200 in cash donations. What a wonderful way for our troops to know we care!

Boatsie’s Boxes 2012

Boatsie’s Boxes was a success again in 2012. More than 150 cartons containing over 600 stockings were donated. In addition, close to $5,000 was collected to make the holidays a little more bearable for the troops stationed overseas during the Holiday Season.   The stockings were delivered safely to Wheeling, WV shortly before a Nor’easter hit in the beginning of November.After all the expenses for materials and delivery were paid, the remainder of the donations were sent to Gail Van Vranken aka Boatsie.

Boatsie's Boxes 2011

The Federation also gathered the forces of its 193 clubs and 9,200 members throughout the state to support "Boatsie's Boxes Operation Christmas Stocking" project by purchasing and filling 1,543 Christmas stockings, in addition to $3500 in cash donations for U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stockings brimming with goodies were delivered to Wheeling, WV, where Boatsie's Boxes is headquartered. 

NJSFWC wishes to thank the generous donation of the PODS of Central Jersey, as they supplied a 16 foot container completely gratis for the storage of Christmas stocking for the Boatsie's Boxes project.  Thanks also goes to Home Depot, who gave the NJSFWC a discount on the boxes used to transport the stockings

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