51 Rossmore Place
Belleville, New Jersey 07109
Organized:  1916   Federated:  1922

Co-Presidents: Ellen Lund and Judy Nucci    

Recording Secretary: Joan Henry

Vice President: Terry Landon        Corresponding Secretary: Denise Complitano

Treasurer: Karen Kirk       Federation Secretary: Kathy Strack


The Woman's Club of Belleville is dedicated to maintain an organized center of thought, action, and
good fellowship among women; stimulate an interest in those things that will render the members helpful to one another and useful to society; and cooperate for the betterment of social conditions.

Come join us to help us attain our goals of helping our community, state, nation, and the world.        

***FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL TERRY AT 973-751-6529 OR ELLEN AT 973-751-2151.